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Our centennial experience, along with sophisticated new technologies in measuring temperatures, allows us to guarantee a slow, deep, regular burning without cracks.
The burning through natural fire totally annuls the bitter tannins, giving place to the wood's aromatic compounds. Under an internal temperature between the 200 and 300ºC and a period of time of approximately 50 to 65 minutes, we can obtain compounds, which augment a rich aromatic complexity when in contact with the wine: bitter almond, toasted peanut, toasted almond, coffee and vanilla.

It allows preserving the tannins, the aroma, the board(a soft touch of herbaceous aromas which diminish with the intensity of the burning), a slight touch of vanilla and bitter almond.
The thermal degradation of the wood's polysaccharide leads to a complex transformation in aromas that
reminds us of a mixture between bitter almond, caramel, toasted peanut, toasted almond, coffee and vanilla.
This higher degradation of the wood's polysaccharide rises up the toasted aromas (coffee, almond and caramel) and slightly softens the vanilla aroma.
The strong degradation of the aldeydes and phenolic acids gives it a scent of smoke and burnt wood that dissimulates, to a large extent, the vanilla, the coffee and the almond aromas.


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